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    Wildfly 8.2/9 --> Wildfly 10 Migration / Changes in stateful bean and request handling?




      I'm trying to migrate from Wildfly 8.2 to Wildfly 10 and found some strange behaviour in the way request are being handled by Wildfly when accessing stateful session beans.

      We're using JSF 2.2 (MyFaces) and the setup of both servers is more or less equal.

      When I accees a stateful bean via a JSF page many times (for tesing reasons I keep holding the F5 key), in WF8.2 the requests are handled sequentially, I have to wait a few seconds and see the requests are processed after each other and the access to the stateful bean is synchronized (which works well). After the last request the browser displays the page. In WF10, I can see the stateful bean is also accessed sequentially, but the browser does not "wait" until the last request, but displays the response of some of the intermediate requests. But in the logs I see the server is still fulfilling all other requests and keeps creating jsf views --> this obviously can lead to ViewExpiredExceptions when I post back on the page I was getting before. The other problem we found is that calls to stateful beans in @PostConstruct methods can lead to ConcurrentAccessTimeout Exceptions, this wasn't the case in WF8.2 either.

      Is it possible that there have been some configuration changes between 8.2 and 10 which could explain this behaviour or might this be some sort of bug?

      We're using the default settings of both servers and I've checked other modules as well and did not find any differences.


      Any help/clarification would be much appreciated!



      I just switched to the latest Wildfly 9.0.2.Final, updated Hibernate to Version 5 and tested again: The behaviour is the same as with 8.2, so the change must be between WF9 and WF10!


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