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    Wildfly in local network using URL for example "mywebapp"

    Sarah Qu Newbie

      Dear all,


      Just sorry I´m a newbie for using Wildfly.

      I would like to do following:


      I have a Standalone Wildfly which runs on my local PC. This PC has a static IP Address (e.g.

      Now I would like to open my WebApp also from another PC. This works fine. (I´ve adjust the standalone.xml to "any-address").


      Now I have following problem:

      I can open the WebApp only with following URL:

      Computer on which runs my WebApp: localhost:8080

      Other computer:


      But I would like to have:

      Computer on which runs my WebApp: mywebapp.com

      Other computer: mywebapp.com


      Is it possible to have also only: mywebapp (without .com) ?


      How can I do this?

      Can anybody please help me step by step. Thank you very much.