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    JBoss serialization error when retrieving from database

    Justin Miller Newbie


      We have a table in which we're storing a serialized object as a blob (amongst other things). When retrieve a record from that table from the database, we get an IllegalAccessException (wrapped in an org.jboss.serial.exception.SerializationException) saying:

      Class org.jboss.serial.classmetamodel.ClassMetaData can not access a member of class my.package.name.MyClass with modifiers "public"

      In this case, the class it's referring to, MyClass, is Externalizable and package private. Is that not allowed by the java serialization spec and/or jboss serialization? From reading the requirements for Externalizable, it doesn't seem like having an Externalizable class with package private access is prohibited.

      Since there is no users forum for jboss serialization, this seemed like the next best place since we get this error during deserialization of a blob from the DB.

      We're JBoss v4.0.4