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    Hibernate Type Mapping to char(2) Error

    bongos Newbie

      I re-post the issue here from jboss-seam forum. I have just begun to explore jboss-seam. I read Yuan's book and seam docs. And I began to reverse-engineer my project dev database. Seam-gen generates codes with few minor problems. I deployed the generated EAR file to my jboss, Jboss complains that a field with char(2) should be varchar(2). The code is generated with the JPA / Hibernate annotation as:

      @Column(name = "firmware_image_type", nullable = false, length = 2)
      @Length(max = 2)
      public String getType() {
      return this.type;

      public void setType(String type) {
      this.type = type;

      What would I do to overcome this problem without to alter the datatype on the column type to varchar(2)