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    using rich:contextMenu in action column to navigate to another page causes render issues

    Arnie Morein Novice

      So, I have a list page with a data grid. The last column, "action" had a drop down menu in it and onhover would appear a menu of edit or view. Choosing either, navigates one to the edit page.


      On the edit page, there is a tab control with 8 tabs. When I replicated this layout (list view to edit view) on certain tabs, it would never open the modal panel. So I tried rich:contextMenu instead. It worked.


      Wanting things to be consistent, I changed the drop down on the first list page, to a rich:contextMenu as well. The associated action and page navigation still worked; except that now the edit page is not rendered right.


      The tabs of the tab page are just text with no graphics or container. The rich:fileUpload which was configured with a minimal UI and hidden, is shown and everything is hapzardly rendered, not complete.


      As a test, I changed the JSF page navigation from the list page to the edit page by adding the redirect tag.


      Things render correctly again.


      What could be going on and why?