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    Right path to upgrade to Java 8

    Sada velayutham Newbie



      We have a slew of Jboss applications and one of the recent initiatives is to upgrade our code base to Java 8, as part of which, all the apps are moving to the Latest Jboss AS 7 (currently being tested in Wildfly community version).


      Our application is the only one in the list that uses Jboss ESB. We are currently on Jboss SOA 5.3.1. We looked at the options we have in front of us, but are not able to decide which one to go with. Any expert advice will be highly appreciated.



      1. The latest Jboss version that ESB supports is Jboss 6.0.0. Upgrade our server to Jboss 6.0.0. But this does not give us the ability to migrate our code to JDK 8 because Jboss 6 does not support JDK 8 yet.

      2. Move to the latest version of Switchyard, i.e 2.0. That means we have to stick to Wildfly 8.1 because the Wildfly versions later than 8.1 are not compatible with Switchyard 2.0.


      What other option do we have, so that we can move to Java 8 with considerably less effort?