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    A complaint in regards to Glassfish Remote and Glassfish Managed.

    Howard Li Newbie

      Hello members of the Arquillian Community.


      I want to say that while Arquillian is great when it works, it is very terrible when it does a half-assed job.


      By that I mean, the container adapters Glassfish Remote and Glassfish Managed have issues in regards to execution speed of the tests or if it even executes the job in the first place.


      When I use Glassfish Remote without configuring any settings (and already have my server up an running), the tests returns in an acceptable amount of time of 5 seconds.


      But when I try to configure GF Remote with the 'target' property. It either takes 3 minutes to run the same tests, or just breaks down and gives an error.


      I haven't really configured GF Managed aside from 'glassfishHome', but it still suffers from issues of test execution time. My hypothesis is that will probably break if I try to give it some more non-default settings.




      As some more experimentation, my initial assumptions about the test being fast for the GF Remote adapter on default settings were wrong.


      It also turns out that it took over 2 minutes to run the first set of test, although subsequent executions of the same set of tests took only 5 seconds.


      I then modified my single test class to have 10 times more tests. The performance time barely increased. However, if I added a second test class for a grand total of two test classes in my entire project, then my elapsed time doubled.


      So I want to ask does Arquillian have a performance bottleneck somewhere in its test execution? Some existing threads are pointing towards archive deployment as the culprit.