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    wildfly within non-interactive Docker Container - no specific OS

    Charlie Federspiel Newbie

      I'm migrating my stateless, mobile-only wildfly-based app to Docker and evaluating the available container technologies. I am very interested in RancherOS, which I see as leveraging Docker's strengths best by containerizing everything, even replacing init.d scripts with its own method of starting system services. I dont use jboss CLI, I manage my instance by updating standalone.xml and deploying services via the autodeploy mechanism.  So I see no reason to deploy wildfly to a CentOS-based container as implemented in the official jboss/wildfly Dockerfile, because I will never use the wildfly container interactively. In my case, wildfly is simply a process that can run in a container that has java, but no specific OS dependency.  I wanted to see if anyone had any caveats, thoughts on this approach. One benefit is there would be no need to download CentOS when installing the Docker Image.  I probably wont go this route on my first iteration just because of the learning curve, but would like to explore this eventually.