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    How to disable embedded tinyMce version?

    Magno Ferreira Newbie

      We have a Seam 2.2.2 application that uses richfaces 3.3.3 and now we are trying to change it's interface.

      I was trying to use new tinymce (which relies only in javascript) without the integration seam-richfaces.

      And it fails as it conflicts with the existing tinymce library.

      More details here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33768210/tinymce-probably-conflicting-with-richfaces-embedded-version


      If someone could help me I would be thankful.

      Suggestions like other plugins are welcome but it has to have a good upload image plugin.


      I wonder also if it is going to be much complex to make my own integration with seam (as I'll have to parse the path of the image).