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    Documentation is not sufficient to implement Work Item Handlers

    jsiefken Newbie


      I am new to jBPM and find it very hard to implement WorkItemHandlers into any process. The documentation does not show the actual transition from Eclipse project to a working process in the workbench.

      I have tried different guides and tried to puzzle everything together out of questions and answers from forums but i can´t get it to work.

      Is there no complete tutorial for jBPM 6 ? If yes, why isnt it in the documentation? Only text does not really help for people who have little experience with workflow engines and 0 with jBPM.


      I hope you can understand that i am quite frustrated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          jimmy001 Apprentice



          I have never used the eclipse modeller, but the little I know is, that the workitemhandlers are listed in the kmodule.xml

          kmodule xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"



            <kbase name="defaultKieBase" default="true" eventProcessingMode="cloud" equalsBehavior="identity" declarativeAgenda="disabled" scope="javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped" packages="*">

              <ksession name="defaultKieSession" type="stateful" default="true" clockType="realtime" beliefSystem="simple" scope="javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped">


                      <workItemHandler type="xyz.RESTJSONWorkItemHandler" name="Rest"/>






          Then you need to package them in the project jar. Sorry I can't tell you how to do this in the eclipse modeller.