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    JBoss EAP 6.2 Domain - JMS Client




      I´m working with JBoss EAP 6.2 in Domain mode. The domain have multiple nodes and multiple servers grouped in server-groups.

      There is one server-group in full-ha profile with two servers (ServerA and ServerB). In this profile there is also a JMS Queue and, of course, a JMS remote connection factory. I have one web app deployed in this server group, and it consume messages from the queue.


      In the other side, there is a remote standalone client which is the producer who sends messages to the remote queue.

      The client implementation is the obtained from jboss-helloworld-jms example (taken from quick start examples). You can see this code here: jboss-eap-quickstarts/HelloWorldJMSClient.java at 44c8c90f14112ef6c79348a96b0239194f10f389 · jboss-developer/jboss-eap-q…


      Everything works fine. The client send messages to the queue and the webapp read it. But the problem is that I have not fail over. I mean, when the client create the connection, it has to reference one of the remote servers "remote://ServerA:4447"  "remote://ServerB:4447", or both of then "remote://ServerA:4447, remote://ServerB:4447" in the provider URL, but this have two problems:

      • In order to establish the connection, you need to know the topology of the domain. If some node are added in the future, you need to change your client configuration.
      • Once the connection is estabilished, all messages are sent to the same server.
      • If this server crash, then the connection is closed. What I would expect is that the messages were sent to the other server.


      I´ve been reading about HornetQ live a backups servers, but I don´t know how to apply this configuration to domain mode.


      Could you provide some information about this kind of configuration?