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    Memory Leak I can't seem to find.

    Brendan Edmonds Newbie



      I am trying to find a memory leak in my JSF JBoss application (the problem occurs on the latest versions of both EAP, and wildfly). If I run this command from the command line (in production, the application runs out of memory after about 2 days):


      ab -n $((16#10000))  -c 10 'http://localhost:8080/progname/index.jsf'


      Which just requests http://localhost:8080/progname/index.jsf 1048576 times with 10 concurrent connections.


      EAP (or Wildfly 9) eventually fails with a OOM Exception (in Hibernate, JDBC). I tried using VisiualVM, however it doesn't give me any useful information. Most of the memory is used by byte[] objects or ConcurrentHashMap, inspecting a heap dump doesn't give me any more clues either.


      Next I tried removing everything inside index.xhtml, leaving just <html></html>, and still the same problem.


      I am at a lost at the moment as to where to goto next. Any suggestions?