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    Descriptor Property Substitution (e.g. in datasource urls, jms connections factories,..)

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      this blog post describes a nice feature of JBoss to externalize environment specific variables like datasource urls, jms connection factories, etc. so that I am able to create environment independently JBoss installations:

      Descriptor property substitution in EAP6 and JBoss AS7 | akquinet AG – Blog


      But in the actual documentation this feature seems to be deprecated and the use of the Management GUI or CLI is recommended: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Application_Platform/6/html-single/Administration_and_Configuration_Guide/index.html#Deployment_of_-ds.xml_files

      This blog summarizes the various strategies for configurations especially inside Docker: https://goldmann.pl/blog/2014/07/23/customizing-the-configuration-of-the-wildfly-docker-image/


      Maybe I overlooked something, but with the CLI I need to pass the specific value of the config (e.g. the datasource url) during build time of the Docker Image. So I need to build environment specific Docker Images, right? I definitely must be able to use placeholders in the config and don't want to build images for every stage and I also don't want to configure the JBoss from scratch in every environment :-(


      In the end I want to do something like this:


      ./standalone.sh -Ddatabase.url=jdbc:... –Ddatabase.user=admin....


      Can you help me? Maybe there is a simpler solution :-)


      Thanks in advance