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    Wildfly extension - expose data under subsystem

    ansur Newbie

      I'm developing a Wildfly extension. From the documentation which is available I get the concepts, but one thing eludes me:

      How can I "publish" data under the subsystem? E.g. similar to how the messaging subsystem exposes all queues and topics.


      The idea is to retrieve some info during deployment time from deployments. This would need to be exposed. So given a DeploymentUnitProcessor, how can I expose the data I retrieve there?

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          You want to expose some configuration of the subsystem or "runtime metrics" of the deployment itself?


          I would guess the later.

          First thing you need to do is register "deployment model" under which you define resource(and subresources) and what attributes it has.

          than you need just to implement the read attribute handlers for each attribute.

          Usually such read attribute handler will lookup the (msc) service which holds the information you want to expose.

          This service you can add as part of DUP you are already writing.


          then in cli you will be able to access this data under



          and example of such deployment resource would be servlets info exposed via undertow subsystem see

          wildfly/DeploymentServletDefinition.java at master · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub some ideas.


          hope this is what you are looking for, otherwise do explain what exactly you want to do.

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            ansur Newbie

            Hi Tomaz,


            indeed, I'm more talking about runtime-metrics.

            What I was missing is that I can indeed install a service through a DUP, as shown in the UndertowDeploymentProcessor. That processor should get me on my way to implement what I need.