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    Architechtural challenge with WildFly

    Igor Golikov Newbie

      Hello guys I am quite new in Java and AS world. and currently I am evaluating various abilities of the Wildfly Imagine yourself a system like this: You have application running on customers PC (behind the NATs ) The application is EJB app within WildFly AS. The problem is whether it is possible to invoke EJB on the customers's machine from OUTSIDE of the customers LAN, of course without IT solutions like VPN, port forwarding etc.. I mean we want the ability to talk to the application on the client's AS without forcing it to init the connection first. Of course, there are solutions like long polling, sockets etc. But I am interested whether this can be done on the WildFly setup level? Something like this: we can have one public WildFly in the public cloud, then client WildFly can form kind of brigde? and then we can invoke EJBs on the client machine from that public WildFly app... Did anybody thing ever about such an option? Or this is practically impossible to implement without knowing client IP and forwarding ports? Thanks!!!! Igor