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    Wildfly 9/10: how to associated SOAP web services with different thread pools?

    Davide Marchetti Newbie

      Dear all,

      I've the need to deploy several WARs, with some WebServices classes, and I need to be able to configure the threadPool for each SOAP WebService differently.

      So, for example, for WAR A, with WebServices A1 and A2, I would like to be able to define 2 threadsPools TP1 for A1, and TP2 for A2.

      Then, for WAR B with WebService B1, B2 and B3, 3 further threadpools should be configurable.


      Is it possible to configure Wildfly to support this kind of low level granularity?

      What I know is that I can define several different http listeners with different thread pools, but still, each WebService cannot be assigned to a certain http listener, right? And even if yes it would be one listener for multiple WebService (i.e., 1 Threadpool for several WebServices), still not acceptable.


      Thanks for any help,