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    OT: RESTEasy client for Android?

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      This is OT but since there is no RESTEasy forum, Bill Burke apparently hates forums and I hate mailing lists so here I go ;-)


      I have a JAX-RS endpoint and a client library built with the JAX-RS 2 client API of RE but now there has arisen a need to call the service from Android clients and the client has dependencies that can't be satisfied on the Android platform.

      There was apparently a JIRA for this ([RESTEASY-592] Provide minimal mobile client jar - JBoss Issue Tracker) but it got closed as "Out of Date" and I didn't quite get what the need was replaced with.

      I have rolled an own version with HttpUrlConnection and gson but does anyone know if there has been any work done towards a "Android JAX-RS 2 client"?


      Thanks in advance,