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    Jboss setup to request the client's certificate

    Youre Pena Newbie

      i'm developing a web application using Jboss 6.1.

      One of the sistem requirements, is that the user should be authenticate throught a digital certificate. With that in mind, i've set my jboss to use https:// with SSL3 protocol, created a server certificate with a reference to a CA certificate and set the property "verify-client=false".

      After that, i've changed my web.xml to request the client's certificate on /LoginByCert.




      But when i acess https://localhost:443/MyApp/LoginByCert my jboss is throwing an Exception

      Exception getting SSL attributes: java.net.SocketException: Socket Closed


      and the client's web browser ask´s for it´s certificates. Once the client chooses a certficate, displays the error message

      Status 401 - JBWEB000010: Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials


      Can someone help me? thank you for your time.