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    Is this correct way to configure Fuse ensemble?

    Voravit L Newbie


      I am confused about Fuse Fabric and ensemble. Here is my understanding. Let's say that I've 3 servers then I configured Fuse Fabric like this.

      1. Install fuse on 3 servers

      2. On server1, run facric:create ...

      3. On server2 and 3, run fabric:join....

      4. Create child container on child1, child2 and child3 as child of server1,server2 and server3 respectively.

      5. Run fabric:ensemble-add server2 server3


      Is step 5, required? 

      After step 5. Could I manage Fuse from either sever1, server2 or server3?



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          Sundar Munirathnam Rajendran Newbie

          Yes You are correct , it is one way of doing the ensemble creation , yes step 5 is needed and after running it you would have three fabric servers running in an ensemble and you can manage the containers with either of server1 , server2 server3


          I would recommend the following


          1. Have 5 Servers

          2. Installl Fuse in three of them

          3. Run Fabric:create in one of the server run fabric:join in the next two

          4. ensemble add the servers

          5. Create the containers child ones using fabric:create-container-ssh on the rest of the two servers


          The above way ensures that the fabric and zoo keeper chatter stays away from the application chatter , but your way of doing it is just as fine.