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    Arquillian OSGI : Karaf remote

    Arnaud Deprez Newbie

      Hi folks,


      My goal is to develop integration tests for karaf 4 inside a docker container.

      I tryed to get it work with arquillian-cube/1.0.0.Alpha7 and arquillian-container-karaf-remote/2.1.0.Final with the simple test case described in the documentation : https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-container-osgi


      The part with docker seems to work fine, I can see my container starts and stops but my can't be injected, I get the following error message :


           "Provider for type interface org.osgi.framework.BundleContext returned a null"


      On the other way I see that the project didn't evolve since 2 years now, so I can't stop to have this question in mind.

      Does Arquillian still support OSGi ? And also other framework than jboss-osgi ?

      If it does, do you have examples that can suit to what I want (I still don't find it on the web) ?