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    Copy-Paste bug in Wildfly 10 ActiveMQ integration?

    Bernd Koecke Novice



      I think I found a bug in the wildfly git project and there in module "messaging-activemq". Class "org.wildfly.extension.messaging.activemq.ServerAdd" has a method "processOutgoingInterceptors". It looks like it was copied from "processIncomingInterceptors". But after copying the code wasn't changed and so it contains the line "serverService.getIncomingInterceptors().add(interceptor);". The result is, even if outgoing interceptors should be set, they end up in the incoming interceptor list. I think it should be changed to "serverService.getOutgoingInterceptors().add(interceptor);". I found it in my little bit outdated local copy, but it is also present in the GitHub master branch.


      I wanted to add some properties to a message from inside the server right before it is send, without changes in my EJBs or other business code. If the above isn't a bug, do you have another idea how I can add interceptors which will be called right before a message is send?


      Thanks a lot for your help. Regards