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    Upgrading JBoss 5.01 to 6.4.0

    Bill Heckle Newbie

      I am up grading an application from a JEE 6, jboss 5.01 project to 6.40. My first choice was to use development studio 8.1 rather than 9 is this a good plan or should I have gone for jdevstudio 9? Also, all my seam 2.2 references produce errors in the <xmlns ...> block say there is a white space error in my xml. I switched the reference to seam 2.3 and get the same error in about half my <xmlns > lines. All snippets are to xsi:schemaLocation="http://jboss.com/products/seam/pages http://jboss.com/products/seam/pages-2.3.xsd">. I noticed no other references and the reference is not in pages.xml but each file. I have read Chapter 4. Migration from 2.2 to 2.3 which just helped to confuse me. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.