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    Schema validation for one-way web service operation

    Daniel Filippov Newbie


      I have a JAX-WS web service with one-way operation and I use CXF's @SchemaValidation in order to validate inbound messages against schema specified in WSDL:

      public class Foo {
          void bar(Baz baz) {

      Everything works great for regular (synchronous) operation: CXF validates inbound message and responds with SOAP fault if the message doesn't match the schema.

      But for one-way operation (e.g. bar), validation occurs after the server already sent 202 HTTP response and bar isn't called at all in case of validation failure.

      Is there any way to make CXF validate messages before sending 202 response to client? Or is there more correct approach to validate inbound messages for one-way operation?

      Any help would be appreciated!