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    Wildfly 8.2 Connection Issues while Concurrence Testing.

    Jaseem Ambalangadan Newbie



      I have deployed two java based EARs and one Drupal based WAR file inside Wildfly 8.2. The database used is Postgres 9.4 with 3 schemas. one for Drupal and the other two for the two different EARs. These two EARs interacts with the database using Hibernate.

      Drupal connects to the java based EARs using Querycus module(a module used to connect PHP with jboss) and the authentication and authorization is done using java based EARs only.

      While logging into the application using the registered users from Drupal, it works fine when there are only few users (maximum 5 to 7 concurrent users).


      But when there are more concurrent users (more than 10), the connection is not getting closed. These connections are getting closed after 30 to 40 hours when there are no user logins further.

      The max-connection in the database has been set to 250.


      Please let me know what can be done to overcome this issue.



      Jaseem, A.