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    rich:select with autocompleteList has validation error

    cm.tcomp Newbie

      environment: richfaces 4.5.5 final, jsf2.2.7, netbeans 8.0.2


      I'm trying to have users select from a autocomplete list to limit values a user may select. In the simplist test case,




      with String[] tmpArray (which was a dynamically generated list in my code), and String tmpstr. Trying to do any action results in a validation error from the component.


      In trying to figure out why the original code was failing, I ended up finding that the component is doing a vaidation even when there is no validation specified, and is not looking at the value attribute.


      It appears that this is related to jira  RF-14024 - rich:select - "autoCompleteMethod", "value" and "required" attributes not compatible?

      however, this is a more general case.


      In replacing the rich:select with rich:autocomplete, the component functions, but it allows the user to enter values that are not contained in the list.


      As the list could be large, I can't use a f:SelectItem in the rich:select component. Is there anyway to limit the values entered in the rich:autocomplete component, other than using a validator to ensure the input matches something from the list?


      Also, should the simpler case be entered into the jira also?