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    Wildfly - xhtml (jsf) file source is displayed when suffixed with dot (.)

    Xavier Frisaye Newbie

      Hi all,


      I've met a strange issue when using Wildfly 8.2.0.Final (occurring also in 9.0.2.Final). Fyi, the problem is not reproducible under Glassfish (4.11).

      My application is a JEE application using JSF.

      By mistake, I have typed this kind of url : http://localhost:8080/myapp/test.xhtml.

      Because it ends with dot, the (JSF) Faces Servlet is not contacted because it is configured to match *.xhtml and instead of returning http error code 404 as expected, the server return the source of the xhtml page...

      When debugging, it appears to be io.undertow.servlet.handlers.DefaultServlet which returns the source but it is difficult to debug because the source of undertow 1.0.15.Final (found in central maven repo) doesn't seem to be exactly the same provided by Wildfly...

      Have-you already met this kind of problem?


      Thanks in advance.