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    strange PersistenceException with EJB3:tables cannot be crea

    cai jc Newbie

      in persistence.xml,I used:

      Here I set "hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto" to "create-drop",and in JMX-console I also see this DSN:PostgresDS;
      and in postgres-ds.xml,it also seems no errors:
      but when I access the entities from JSP,exceptions are thrown:
      java.sql.BatchUpdateException: insert into tbl_Authors (birthday, levels, name) values (2007-11-08 +00:00:00, 5, wawa) failed
      LOOK:neither '2007-11-08 +00:00:00' nor 'wawa' are quoted with quotation marks,I think this is wrong.But why? it's generated by hibernate itself,not me!

      What's more,I login the postgresql database,and there is no tables created automatically either.Why this happens?