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    what all MQ provider Wildfly 9 supports

    Tarang Agrawal Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am creating a enterprise Application which contains JMS also. I am using the wildfly server as a application server. In this application i have a MDB which is by default listening on ActiveMQ. but i have to provide support to other MQ's also.


      My question is  - which all MQ provider wildfly 9 supports and how to configure those MQ on server.

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          Justin Bertram Master

          Integration with other JMS providers is usually done via that particular provider's JCA resource adapter.  For example, IBM WebSphereMQ ships a JCA resource adapter which you can use in Wildfly to integrate with WebSphereMQ.  The basic configuration of each JCA resource adapter will be the same, but there will also be a handful of implementation-specific configuration details you'll need which should be documented by the provider (i.e. not Wildfly).