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    Switchyard: Invoking outbound soap webservice with NTLM authentication fails

    Hariprasad Chindam Newbie



      I am trying to invoke an external webservice using the following NTLM configuration in switchyard.xml:


          <sca:reference name="EngineSoap" multiplicity="0..1" promote="Route/EngineSoap">

            <sca:interface.wsdl interface="wsdl/test.wsdl#wsdl.porttype(EngineSoap)"/>

            <soap:binding.soap name="soap1">

              <soap:contextMapper />











      Looks like the ntlm credentials are not being sent to the webservice and hence the authentication is failing. Switchyard version that we are using is 1.1.1-p5-redhat-1. Can anyone suggest how to fix this problem?


      Please note that I tried to invoke the same webservice using SoapUI and was able to authenticate using NTLM credentials as well as received a proper response from the webservice.


      Thanks in advance,