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    [JBPM 6.3] update due date after suspend/resume on Human Task

    nabilf Newbie

      Dear Team,


      We are testing the due date on a Human Task. We are setting a due date of 5 min on a Human Task ( "DueDate" input assignment of P5m  ). when starting the task , the DueDate is set correctly.

      Now we will suspend the task for some minutes and then resume it using the following REST API calls:




      We realize that the Due Date is not modified after resume and it still had the initial value when it was started.

      The Due Date should be modified to take into consideration the suspension time.

      We verified the expirationTime that represent the DueDate in AuditTaskImpl and it still the same , even if we call the REST API

      /jbpm-console/rest/query/task we found that expiration time is the same.


      Please is there anything that i missed ?

      The expirationTime should be updated to include the suspension time, is that true?


      Thank you