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    deploying of rar.-File

    Albert Hug Newbie

      i am just new by jboss administration.
      i have six ressource-Adapters as .rar-files into my websphere. Now i have to deploy my application into jboss.
      Therefore i try to add ressource-adapters by using of jboss-gui in my browser:
      When i click on "Add" i have to fill four fields: Name, Archive, Modul, TX.


      I dont know, how i can map this from WebSphere to Jboss.
      In my WebSphere i have "install rar" and i give path....
      I tried to fill this fields by jboss without success.

      I only know, where my rar-files are on my pc....


      It looks like this:



      Any ideas?
      Thx for Help