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    mysql connect

    Zorro Bu Newbie

      After I configured my datasource and driver in standalone and I copy mysql-connector***.jar to folder com/mysql/main,I tested connection which is failed.There are some errors like below.



      Failed to create JDBC connection.

      An internal error occurred.

      Unexpected HTTP response: 500




        "address" => [

        ("subsystem" => "datasources"),

        ("data-source" => "mysqlDSPool")


        "operation" => "test-connection-in-pool"





      Internal Server Error


        "outcome" => "failed",

        "failure-description" => "WFLYJCA0040: failed to invoke operation: WFLYJCA0047: Connection is not valid",

        "rolled-back" => true,

        "response-headers" => {"process-state" => "reload-required"}



      I don't know if it's a bug of wildfly10,Could anybody help me?Thank you very much!