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    How to define capacity planning for Enterprise app ?


      I have completed development a Enterprise application Using JAVAEE7 on wildfy 10 with 3 tier architecture . i am using
      JSF,primefaces CDI EJB JPA Bean validation , SOAP-ws.
      Currently we starting system testing (functionality ) test with 10 tester .
      After finishing system test  ,i have to deployment this application into product environment.

      it is financial application , Branch less banking application : agent module, customer module,  Account -loan/deposit, cash in/out related

      critical transaction operation .

      I have 500 different branch user . i can not define capacity planning for this application .
      I have to run this application on Wildfly 10 community edition, i can not use enterprise version jboss eap for some limitation.

      Please give me idea , How to define a capacity planning following attribute?

        1. Which linux os version  32/64 bit
        2. which       JVM version ,  32/64 bit
        3. Hardware size : which server, ram size, cpu core
        4. Network attribute : bandwidth

        ------------------------------JVM parameter related attribute-----------

         1. how to measure appropriate : heap size, Meta space, gc collection strategy.
         2. how to monitor different level critical things , that occur maximum enterprise application


      I have no clear idea how to define this attribute for above requirements.