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    Does CORBA/IIOP access to EJB3 works on Jboss AS 7.x/ EAP 6?

    JBoss Crazzzzzzy Newbie

      Dear Jboss users,


      We are planning to move our application server from Glassfish to Jboss EAP 6/ AS 7. We are using few EJB3 components and also accessing the same from other web and standalone GUI clients via CORBA/IIOP. Also the corba/iiop client can be on same server machine or can be on another server machine. As current implementation and glassfish server supports corba/iiop approach, we are looking for the AS which supports the same.


      So, can anyone from Jboss masters let me know whether EJB3 with corba/iiop works with Jboss EAP 6 and AS 7.x.? I have tried lot of examples to access the same but unfortunately getting EJB receiver exceptions or other exceptions on every try.


      Please let me the any example on the same or any answer or hint available for the same to prove that EJB3 with corba/iiop works or not with Jboss EAP 6/ AS 7.