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    problem with EAR to EAR call on wildlfy 9.0.2

    Peter Kilian Newbie



      we have following system components:

      • EAR a with EJB a uses xa-datasource a
      • EAR b with EJB b uses xa-datasource b


      The remote client calls EJB a which calls EJB b from EAR b to read or modify data in xa-datasource b.

      This architecture works on JBoss 7.2, but after an upgrade to wildlfy 9.0.2 the call from the client stucks.

      It has something to do with the EAR to EAR call from EJB a to EJB b, because if we modify a, not to call b, the call from the client to a is comming back.

      When EJB a calls EJB b we get the erros in the attachment server.log


      I have no idea was going wrong.


      Best Regards