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    Is it possible to configure an idle timeout for HTTP/2 connections?

    Fabian Stäber Newbie


      I am wondering how long an idle HTTP/2 connection will be kept open. In Undertow's org.xnio.Option.UndertowOptions there seem to be three timeout settings:

      • IDLE_TIMEOUT: The idle timeout in milliseconds after which the channel will be closed.
      • REQUEST_PARSE_TIMEOUT: The maximum allowed time of reading HTTP request in milliseconds.
      • NO_REQUEST_TIMEOUT: The amount of time the connection can be idle with no current requests before it is closed.

      Only the IDLE_TIMEOUT seems to be respected for HTTP/2 connections (Http2OpenListener), the other two options seem to be used only for HTTP/1 (HttpOpenListener).

      However, in Wildfly, only REQUEST_PARSE_TIMEOUT and NO_REQUEST_TIMEOUT seem to be configurable (org.wildfly.extension.undertow.ListenerResourceDefinition), but the IDLE_TIMEOUT seems not to be configurable.


      Is there any way to set an idle timeout for HTTP/2 connections in Wildfly?


      Thanks a lot,