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    Avoid duplicate login with two wars in Wildfly - suggestions required

    Venkatesh D Newbie

      Dear Community,


      I am working with a requirement as below and need your best thoughts, recommendations and suggestions in solving it.


      We have two wars 1) Web App and 2) CXF based service, both deployed using Wildfly 9.0.4


      Web app can be accessed via browser sessions and mobile apps access data via CXF services. Both are independently deployed instances. User management is purely done via DB tables and no in-memory data structure or cache maintained yet to track user sessions.


      Requirement is to avoid duplicate login. For example. If a user is already signed-in via browser, and same user tries to login via mobile app through services using same credentials, the browser session should get expired. Or vice versa is also valid.


      1. Is there a way to share data between two independent war file / instances in Wildfly, to that we can have session maintained in one and access it from other. Or do something similar?

      2. Any other better / recommended approaches possible?


      Please share your thoughts at earliest.


      Thanks in advance,

      - V