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    Shouldn't BeforeBeanDiscovery#addStereotype() create custom bean defining annotations?

    Fabio Simeoni Newbie



      I was expecting BeforeBeanDiscovery#addStereotype() would turn a legacy annotation into a bean defining annotation (in CDI 1.2).

      For example, I thought this extension might do the trick for java.ejb.Singleton (uses delta-spike helpers):


      public class MyExtension implements Extension {


         void make_singleton_ejbs_stereotypes(@Observes BeforeBeanDiscovery event) {


           event.addStereotype(Singleton.class, new ApplicationScopedLiteral());




      But, alas no. If the discovery-mode="all", it does makes @Singleton(s) application-scoped.

      But If discovery-mode="annotated" it does not add @Singleton(s) to the least of candidate beans, i.e. it does not turn @Singleton into a bean defining annotation.


      Shouldn't it?