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    EJB http-remoting - Apache mod_JK - Wildfly 9.0.2

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      i've maybe a little weird setup.


      On my Server runs a Apache 2.2 on Ports 80 and 443 (SSL) serving various Web-Domains.

      For some URL-Directories (e.g. "http://example.com/ajp/*")  i've a mod_jk connection to the Wildfly 9.0.2 server on the localhost interface.

      Works fantastic.


      Now I'm trying to migrate my EJB_projects into this setup.


      Question 1:

      Is it prossible to access via http_remoting an ejb on a widlfy through mod_jk?


      EJB-Client <-http(s)-> Apache 2.2 <-mod_jk/ajp-> wildfly 9.0.2/EJB3


      if not via mod_jk maybe via apache proxy_http/proxy_connect/....

      EJB-Client <-http(s)-> Apache 2.2 <-proxy_connect-> wildfly 9.0.2/EJB3


      I know, the easiest way would be to open a Widlfly-Http-Port "8080" on the external interface.

      But that would be only the "easiest" way.


      Thanks for help