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    Cluster-HA-Singleton: Quorum only?

    Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice



      Is there a way to deploy this topology:

      • Node1: App + Service + Quorum
      • Node2: App + Service + Quorum
      • Node3:          Service + Quorum


      With 'Service' and 'Quorum' I reference this code snipped:



          public void activate(ServiceActivatorContext context) {

              install(HATimerService.DEFAULT_SERVICE_NAME, 1, context);

              install(HATimerService.QUORUM_SERVICE_NAME, 2, context);



      So, essentially, I am looking for a setup which allows to deploy the application on two nodes with a quorum running on a third node. Is this possible? The failover will just happening between node1 and node2.


      Thanks a lot