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    wildfly 9.0.2 file log handler ignores interceptor,thread logs

    arun sundar Newbie

      Local server setup:

      1)default loggers(FILE,&CONSOLE) are retained in standalone.xml

      2)console logs show all application logs(logs created by ejb interceptor,server side local threads)

      3)however file logs miss logs like those created by ejb interceptor




      12:17:37,323 INFO  [com.scala.SugarServices] (Thread-100) Started   (shown in BOTH console,&file)


      63164 [Thread-98] INFO  com.facade.Class2     (shown in ONLY console)

      23166934 [default task-54] INFO  com.interceptor.LogTraceInterceptor  (shown in ONLY console)

      21143335 [Periodic Recovery] DEBUG org.jboss.ejb.client.txn  - Send recover request for transaction origin node identifier 1  (shown in ONLY console)


      I would like to have all console logs in file(server.log) also.

      Am I missing anything ?Could you please help?


      Could see all logs in both file,& console in JBoss7.1.1 Final.


      Facing this issue after migration to Wildfly 9.0.2


      Thank you,