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    Multiple intraday Maven SNAPSHOT feature installs from Archiva

    L Morgan Newbie

      We are working to setup CI for feature deployment in our Fuse environment. Currently, we are running JBoss Fuse 6.2.x.


      To this point, here is what we have configured for our DEV server:


      1. Maven build of features/bundles on the primary Java CI server

      2. Deploy feature bundles to an internal Archiva Maven repository (2nd stage of build above)

      3. bash script on the Fuse server does the following via Fuse client command line

        a. uninstall the feature

        b. remove the repository

        c. add the repository using the Maven style URI

        d. install the feature


      We have setup Fuse to reference the internal Archiva repository. On the initial install of the feature, everything works as planned. And if run a CI process at least 24 hours out from the previous run, everything works ok. However, if we run multiple builds within a day, Fuse does not update with the most current feature codebase.


      During the flow of step #3, we can see that the local repository on the Fuse server is being created and populated with the latest build from Archiva. And when the process works as expected, we can see the new version of the SNAPSHOT being added to the repository.


      However, this all falls down on intraday builds.


      Does anyone have any insight into why this may be happening and how to correct the issue?


      I would also mention that prior to the CI process, we were building locally on the Fuse server and of course did not have this issue, as the local Maven repository was THE repository.




      Lonnie Morgan