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    Workflow patterns

    Neeraj P Newbie

      Hi All,



      Need your help on the following


      jBPM designer has a section which contains predefined workflow patterns.

      These patterns are a skeleton of a flow, consisting some workflow components(flow lines, tasks, divisions etc) We can drag and drop them into designer and set the functionality of individual component accordingly.


      Is there a way we can save a designed process as workflow patterns to use later?

      What I mean is can we create a workflow pattern with its functionality unlike a skeleton workflow pattern provided by jbpm?


      Lets take an example. I have a workflow which contains a start node---->script node---->end node.


      this script node has some function which gets executed and does some task.


      can I template (or I would rather call it keeping in workflow patterns)this process to use anytime and in any process by dragging it to canvas?