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    Can  mod_cluster_manager  work like(with) proxy_balancer ?

    跑步 起来 Newbie

      This is my httpd.conf file:


      <IfModule manager_module>



      <Location />

                Order deny,allow

                #Deny from all

                Allow from all


         KeepAliveTimeout 60

         MaxKeepAliveRequests 100

         EnableMCPMReceive On

         AdvertiseFrequency 5

         ManagerBalancerName modcluster

         ServerAdvertise On

         AllowDisplay On

         AdvertiseSecurityKey forDMZweb



      <Location /mod_cluster_manager>

             SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

             Order deny,allow

             #Deny from all

             Allow from all





      <proxy balancer://lbehomefiles>

               BalancerMember loadfactor=1

               BalancerMember loadfactor=1


      ProxyPass /downloadfiles/   balancer://lbehomefiles/

      ProxyPassReverse /downloadfiles/  balancer://lbehomefiles/


      here is my problem:

           apache+jboss  run well,but and are my file servers, run with Aapache .

           I want the context /downloadfiles proxy to 103 and 104 with loadbalancer , just like mod_proxy_balaner.

          any suggestions for me? 

      thanks for check.