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    unable to lanuch brms-coolstore-demo web UI




      Imported git clone followed all the instructions as per demo.

      still unable to launch the web ui of brms-coolstore-demo.



      Following different deployment methods.




      • àCopied the WebUI Source code in $JBoss_Home\standalone\deployments.




      Deployed as individual files rather than single project.






      Un-deploying all project files and check the workaround .



      Renamed brms-coolstore-demo to brms-coolstore-demo.war




      Created deployment file brms-coolstore-demo.war.dodeploy





      Still unable to launch http://localhost:9990/brms-coolstore-demo




      Undeployed brms-coolstore.war from JBoss EAP http://localhost:9990










      • àOpen command prompt




      Moved the source code folder and executed below command




      jar –cvf brms-coolstore-demo.war .





      Deployed brms-coolstore-demo.war into JBoss EAP http://localhost:9990





      • à







      Deployed brms-coolstore-demo2.war in JBoss EAP:- http://localhost:9990





      Unable to access http://localhost:9990/brms-coolstore-demo2


      Could you please help me resolve the issue?