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    <rich:select> behavior

    Yudhir Bhattarai Newbie

      rich:select is behaving weird.

      On selecting items with same label but different values, its behavior is different.

      Code used is given below.



      <h:form id="loginForm">


        <rich:select id="richSelect" defaultLabel="Select Owner" enableManualInput="true"  >

        <f:selectItem  itemValue="" itemLabel="Select Option"></f:selectItem>

        <f:selectItem itemValue="Cat" itemLabel="apple"></f:selectItem>

        <f:selectItem itemValue="dog" itemLabel="apple"></f:selectItem>

        <f:selectItem  itemValue="Apple" itemLabel="apple"></f:selectItem>

        <f:selectItem itemValue="Ball" itemLabel="ball"></f:selectItem>






      Please check the attachment for the details.



      Yudhir Bhattarai