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    Network failover with redundant network interfaces

    Szilveszter Bodor Newbie



      We are using Infinispan 7.2.5 for distributed storage in a GUI Application. It is running on Linux PCs (RHEL 5.3), having redundant network interfaces.


      I know that the recommended way of achieving network failover would be to configure IP bonding. Unfortunately, we can not configure IP bonding, since other software running on the PC (essential for our system and basically not modifiable) can not work together with IP bonding. I don't have the deepest knowledge why, this is just a fact we have to accept.


      Do You have any suggestions, how to achieve transparent network failovers without IP bonding?


      In earlier discussions about JGroups I read about the receive_on_all_interfaces and send_on_all_interfaces properties. The latter however does not exist anymore in the JGroups version (3.6.2) we use. I can configure receive_on_all_interfaces for UDP but I see no way of configuring JGroups to send on all interfaces. Apart from that, I'm not sure this would be the right solution at all.