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    Fuse 6.2.1 - Maven deploy - Checksum validation

    Aaron Wentzell Newbie

      I am working on deploying a large project to Fuse 6.2.1.  At the moment, I am creating one large profile using the fabric8-maven-plugin that uploads it to Fuse.  I am then creating a child container with this profile added.  When I add the profile, I am seeing this in the instance's fuse logs:

           2016-01-11 18:44:14,077 | WARN  | dataResolver-0-0 | WarnChecksumPolicy               | 57 - io.fabric8.fabric-maven - 1.2.0.redhat-621084 | Could not validate integrity of download from Checksum validation failed, no checksums available


      It seems that after this, it just hangs and the process just stops.  No more activity is seen in the logs.  Any ideas of what I can do to get around this?