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    Facing issue in Starting of jboss-as-7.1.0.Final

    Ashish Arora Newbie

      hi All,

      Request you to please help me to resolving the following issue.



      we have ear file deployed in jboss-as-7.1.0.Final. and we have roughing 150 users who gets connected by this at a time.

      Sometime we need to restart the JBOSS, due to unplanned activities.

      but we are unable to start the JBOSS.


      Jboss is getting continuous pings from 150 users. and this causes issue in proper starting of the JBOSS.

      Yesterday , our application was down for 10 hours because users machines were pinging JBOSS continuously and JBOSS was failing to start the application properly.


      Request you all to please help us in resolving this scenario.


      is there a possible way inside Jboss by which we can block users ping to reach jboss, and allow JBOSS to start properly.

      and once started, we again allow the pings


      urgency for resolution is high as we cont afford another downtime by tomorrow.


      Thanks in Advance