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    JBPM 6 Inclusive or Parallel Converging Gateway Release on one path completing

    Tony Cattlin Newbie



      I have a question regarding a standard BPM pattern and would like to know the best way to achieve in JBPM 6.


      With a diverging inclusive/parallel gateway, that evaluates to >1 path executing, I want to move on from the converging gateway when just one of the paths completes and kill the other path(s). What is the best way to achieve this ?


      Scenario 1

      - Approval is required before progressing the process, by any one of 3 different groups with 3 different screens

      - We use an inclusive gateway which may evaluate to any 3 of the groups approvals (but only one is required for the process to continue)


      Scenario 2

      - In order for the process to move on either one of the following conditions is met:

           - A human task is completed

           - or a service call is periodically called and returns a specific value

      - For this we have a diverging parallel gateway with 2 paths but we want to continue when either one of the 2 completes


      Any help would be much appreciated.